In highschool I made an extra buck selling HTML & CSS Websites using Joomla, Dreamweaver or by coding it myself. Since then I’ve learned more about the best-practices online. I did Communication & Multimedia Design and learned about Design Thinking, Usability, Icon, Fonts & Facetypes and WordPress. Now I feel confident in creating webdesigns for any businisses, big or small. I am most proud of Nudus, SoundlogoHTA-Taekwondo.

Do you need a website or maintenance?

I have made websites since 2014 and am very experienced with WordPress and web-related activities. I am a Communication & Multimedia Designer and have a lot user-experience. I try to distill what users would want to see and how they would like to interact with your webpage. I work with analytics and improve sites accordingly. 

Here you can read about my terms of billing and how I usually work:

I need a new website

My price for making a new website is €400 excl. tax. For this amount you get 10 hours of my work. Which usually is enough to make a full-feature webpage (You can see some of my sites here). Our first meeting and any extra consults are included in these first 10 hours. Any hours of surplus will be billed as maintenance.

I need maintenance for an excisiting site

My hourly rate is €47,50 excl. tax. with a minimal amount of 30 minutes. I can work with anything WordPress related, Hosting, DNS, SQL-databases, SEO (Yoast & Rank-Math) or other web-related activities. Don’t hesitate and contact me. I try to respond as fast as I can. If you’re new to deToon make sure to have your images, text and hosting-data ready to save some time :)!