About A Horse With No Name

A Horse With No Name was made in 2021. the website is an online webshop for ticket-sales. The client needed a site with clear instructions for buying tickets to their show “A Horse With No Name”. The tickets would differ in location, price and time-tables. It was meant to cut the middleman by having no commisionairies.

The website is setup with a bought theme I use often. The name of which I will not mention for competitive reasons, but it has low costs compared to most WordPress plugins bundles. It costs around $40 for a complete package with everything I have lots of experience with and is recommendable to purchase when asking me to make a website.

Biggest challenge

The hardest part for this website was finding a way to update people that they’ve succesfully purchased a ticket. The webshop is setup with Woocommerce, which has ‘pro’ features for ticket sales that cost a little too much for a small business. By all means, if you’re wanting to have people pick their seats in a theatre you have Event Tickets Plus or The Events Calendar. Both of which are perfect for big-sized projects. I found out that a default Woocommerce installment can also have the ability to sell tickets, but only by the amounts of tickets per location. Set your product to virtual, generate the amount of tickets sold including a unique QR code (That is linked to the SKU), set the download to a random PDF that’s meant for the time/location per ticket, and write some code in the functions.php that automatically accepts the ticket as being sold after a purchase is made. Et voilá, you have a working ticket system with scannable QR code that decrypts to show a SKU, which you can check (Even with your phone) when people arrive at the event. A QR code is nothing more than encrypting text, so if your QR code matches a SKU you know the ticket is legit and unique.