About Buro98

Buro98.nl is your trusted partner in administrative solutions, offering comprehensive and partial accounting services, as well as the preparation of annual financial statements for sole proprietors, freelancers, associations, and foundations. We also provide guidance on VAT returns, income tax filings, and corporate tax declarations for businesses, nonprofits, and individuals.

Why Buro98?

Buro98 encourages self-sufficiency, which can lead to significant cost savings!

Buro98 handles all the necessary tasks for entrepreneurs, from the familiar shoebox of receipts to guiding the year-end work and income tax return preparation. This can be accomplished using Kleisteen’s online accounting software or Excel templates. By working collaboratively with our clients (either on-site or remotely) and providing personalized, individual guidance at their work table or kitchen counter, we empower them to save money in the long run through interest, effort, and understanding. Learn and grow with Buro98!

Utilizing Excel models or Kleisteen’s online accounting software promotes independent bookkeeping and even self-management of VAT returns. Buro98 is here to guide and advise clients in this endeavor. However, we recognize that we don’t have all the answers. For this reason, our team continuously pursues further education, and we enthusiastically organize the Groninger Boekhoud Borrel (GBB) four times a year, bringing together colleagues and peers. Buro98 is a small office that values collaboration, making it easy for us to connect with specialists in various fields to address more complex questions.

Biggest challenge

One of my most significant challenges during the transition to the new website was the seamless migration of posts and content from our previous HTML/CSS platform. This intricate process required careful planning and execution to ensure that valuable information was effortlessly transferred to the modern site. With the event date looming, the urgency to display critical data on the website added a palpable level of pressure. I, along with my dedicated team, worked tirelessly to make this transition as smooth as possible, allowing visitors to access historical content promptly while embracing the enhanced features of our updated platform. This challenge underscored my commitment to preserving our legacy while embracing technological advancements for a more streamlined and efficient user experience.