About Schweitzer Counseling

Schweitzer Counseling was made in 2021. Schweitzer Counseling is a one-woman personal japanese-style coaching and meditation centre. She went to Japan and now teaches the Japanese lifestyle and way of thinking. Honestly, she was my first clientele commisioned by UwComputerStudent. 

Biggest challenge

This was my first time working with a lot of text. She sent me about 10 ~ 15 separate word files containing the content for each page, which I had to make sense of. So I categorized the subject she talks about, read everything, made small grammar adjustments and started making pages. After completing that task the site looked bland. I’m glad I went to Japan as well, so I understand the impression she wanted to give with her site. Taking royalty-free pictures from Unslash and Pexel populated the page with beautiful Japanese imagery. Honestly, I’m really glad with the way this site looks.