About Nudus

Nudus.nu was made in 2022. Nudus is a one-woman coach. She works with different ages for her coaching (5 ~ 21 years old). She’s mainly focussed on helping our youth with autism. She uses “Mediëren Leren” as a tool to see the constraint of autism and is able to turn that into a superpower. She mainly helps kids that have a hard time going to school, or those that don’t go to school at all. 

Biggest challenge

I highly recommend you visit this website, because I feel like this site is the most artfull. We had an idea of rosebuds making up a full rose and being able to ‘explode’ it into smaller pieces. I actually went to a florist and bought four roses. I plucked them and photographed them. The design on the site was eventually made with Slider Revolution. Since the entire site would be full-screen I had to incorporate the menu and the functionalities inside of slides. So the entire webpage is made with Slider Revolution.