Mixing / Sound-engineering / Mastering


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Welcome to my Custom Sound Production Package, where you can request a fully tailored audio production solution for your creative needs, encompassing mixing, sound engineering, modular synthesis, and mastering. This comprehensive package offers a seamless blend of services designed to elevate your audio projects to the highest level of quality and creativity.

Here’s what you can expect when you choose this product:

  • Professional Mixing: I will meticulously mix your tracks, ensuring each element shines while maintaining a cohesive and balanced sound.
  • Modular Synthesis Expertise: Dive into the world of modular synthesis as I craft unique sonic textures and tones to enhance your audio projects.
  • Sound Engineering Mastery: Benefit from my 20 years of experience in sound engineering, guaranteeing top-notch audio quality and precision.
  • Mastering Excellence: I’ll apply the final touches to your tracks, optimizing their clarity, volume, and overall sound quality for a professional and polished result.
  • Believe me; I’ll deliver exceptional sound!

My services encompass every aspect of audio production, from the initial mixing to the intricate world of modular synthesis and the finishing touches of mastering. I’m committed to creating a sonic landscape that matches your creative vision.

Whether you’re a musician, producer, or content creator, my custom sound production package is tailored to your unique needs. With my expertise and dedication, I’ll elevate your audio projects to their fullest potential, delivering professional-grade results that resonate with your audience.

Ready to embark on a sonic journey like no other? Contact me today, and let’s discuss how I can bring your audio creations to life with unmatched quality and creativity at €100 per hour.