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About me

Hello and welcome to my website. I am Toon van Dort (@deToon). 

My greatest academic accomplishment is a bachelors degree in Communication & Multimedia Design, which makes me a multidisciplinary designer of various mediums. That basically means I use of my computer a lot for producing music/audio, graphic design and websites (WordPress). Above all I love making beautiful things. 

My favorite cuisine is Japanese, I kind of have to, after living in Fukuoka for half a year. I was raised in Friesland, but my origins lie in Groningen. I love photography, cooking and gaming (Shooters & RL). Online I go by the name of deToon, deToonNL or Tooneytunes.

The purpose of this site is so I could tell you about myself, my music, my work and hope to inspire you in any way possible ♥


I’ve set out to release an album each year. 


In highschool I made an extra buck selling HTML & CSS Websites using Joomla, Dreamweaver or by coding it myself. Since then I’ve learned more about the best-practices online. I did Communication & Multimedia Design and learned about Design Thinking, Usability, Icon, Fonts & Facetypes and WordPress. Now I feel confident in creating webdesigns for any businisses, big or small. I am most proud of Nudus, SoundlogoHTA-Taekwondo.

I ask a different price depending on the scope of your website. I feel like that is the fairest way of treating my clients’ finances, because making a website requires mutual trust and has a big favor-factor. 

Feel free to contact me. We can talk about this via e-mail.