About Mair Design

Mair Design was made in 2021. It is a website where you can buy positive affirmation posters. The business was already succesful on Etsy. Though, Etsy is a commisionairy and takes a cut of all revenues coming through their site. We cut the middleman by making a webshop. 

Biggest challenge

Since the business was already situated on Etsy I first had to look at the legalities of promoting your own website there. Then we ran into a problem, all the finances from Etsy are arranged in USD. But, since they ship mostly to EU we needed a way of integrating both USD and EUR into Woocommerce. Based on the IP address – which by the way is gathered anonymously and not stored locally (Has to do with GDPR & AVG-Law), someone has the option of choosing which valuta they prefer when visiting the website. So, when you pick EUR all prices are shown in Euros and the other way around. This is easily achievable with the anual membership that Woocommerce provides, but that would’ve blew the clients budget. I had to find a work-around for that. 

It is also the first time I worked with Mailchimp’s pop-up features. If you scroll down on the page you get an automatic pop-up prompt for leaving your e-mail.