About FTLCuts

FTLCuts was made in 2020. The concept is quite simple. A site where a user can order custom cut vinyl records. the application however is compex. There is was a strong variety in the type of product you can order. For example you can order a product in multiple colors, sizes, sleeves, covers, etcetera. This was my first website with the functionality of having to pick such a variety of products.

Biggest challenge

I came up with the idea of making an animation on the products page. Just so the page is a little less boring. I first intended this to be a .GIF, but soon realized there was a possibility of making something a little more unique. There is a program on the back-end that I will not share for competitive reasons, but it allows me to insert images that can interact with the mouse in various ways. One of which is scrolling, which you can set to move inbetween keyframes of an animation. All I had to do was making multiple layers in Z-depth that can overlap. When scrolling the animation will play inbetween two keyframes, one where the images are separated on the Y-axis, and one where they overlap. This way I made a record move into a plastic-sleeve, which then moves into a cover.

I’m really proud of how this turned out and definitely advise you to check it out here. This way of animating the layers was far more satisfying to interact with than a GIF.